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Roof Surveys can be costly and time consuming. Hiring access equipment like Cherry Pickers or scaffold can be a huge added cost to any inspection and in some cases not even an option.

Lanigan Building & Roofing Limited recognises this and uses the latest Drone Technology to aid our inspections. Fully trained and insured our CAA approved Drone Pilots gather far more Data, HD Photographs to analyse and inspect any roof at a fraction of the cost and time of traditional roof inspections. 

Our drone capabilities allow us to map any roof, provide measurement reports and High Definition close-up photos that make quantifiable decisions based on evidence collected.


  • provides safe roof inspections reducing risks to health and safety
  • ability to collect in-depth data
  • new technologies help you to get the job done faster
  • drone-based roof inspections significantly reduce costs
  • non-disruptive
  • photographic evidence (HD Photographs and Video Footage)

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